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Without our health we have nothing, Wellness golf aims to help you live a happier and healthier life.

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Dominic Sainsbury founder of wellness golf
I have been playing golf for over 30 years and worked in the industry for the past 28 years (25 years as a PGA professional). What I have learnt over that time is that golf offers us an enriched life through the great people that you meet and the sense of belonging, the low impact exercise involved in playing and practice, uplifting spiritual and emotional feelings through the connection with the beautiful outdoor green spaces and constant learning involved in playing this great game.
Our coaching programs are specifically designed to help you enjoy your golf more with the pillars of wellness underpinning what we do, join me as we aim to help you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life through golf.
Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.


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Golf is more than just a game

Physical benefits of Golf

Swinging the golf club requires rhythm and movement through low impact full body exercise, the walking involved in playing golf creates the perfect environment for all to get the physical exercise we all require. It is recommended that adults have 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week.

Endorphins are triggered by stress and stress protected us from harm and when triggered we need to release our endorphins, this was traditionally done by us flighting, fighting or freezing as endorphins trigger this reaction. If we get stressed and have no way of releasing our endorphins we become reactive and unbalanced emotionally. Changes to our lifestyle have led to more and more people loosing the way of releasing this chemical. stretching and light exercise like golf are perfect for releasing endorphins and helps to keep us in balance.

Social and Emotional benefits of Golf

Human connection and a sense of belonging where friendships are fostered and grow meaning full relationships, the aim is to create a community feel where people enjoy their leisure time (this is your happy place). My goal is to create an emotionally safe fulfilling place for people to connect, enjoy each others company and golf. Oxytocin is triggered by social and emotional bonding which we require now more than ever to help us move forward after all the stress we are seeing in the world today.

Mindfulness and spiritual benefits of golf

Connection with the outdoors and nature, golf courses are the perfect environment for a connection with the outdoors and the game has so many opportunities to feel a sense of achievement through play.

Serotonin is a natural chemical released by your body and helps you feel clam, confident and patient – being outside and exposed to natural sunlight is one of the best ways to trigger the release of serotonin, playing golf exposes us to beautiful green spaces and nature.

Growing your knowledge through golf

Golf is a very complex sport with many rules and facets of the game. Expanding knowledge and skills through games-based golf activities that aim to help people with the technical and mind skill aspects of the game. 

Dopamine – is released when we have a sense of achievement, like holing a putt or hitting a great golf shot. Gambling and social media organizations structure their businesses around this in an unhealthy way. Through our coaching you will achieve moments of success and achievement releasing dopamine in a healthy way.

"Everyone has genius in them but if judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its life believing it is stupid”

Albert Einstein 


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